Automatic Bag Labeler

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Automatic Bagging System

Nozzle.Air Packer에서 계량충전되어 흘러나오는 지대 Bag의 Dust or 잔여 원료 의 누출을 완벽하게 막아주는 System입니다.
Label을 붙이는 작업은 Full Automatic입니다.

Model KSD-LB1000
Capacity 10kg~30kg, 200~300Bag/hr
Air Supply Vacuum line
Air 5kg/㎠
Label Tape Size 100x100~150x150 (other sizes also available upon special order)
Temperature Range -10℃~+50℃
Application Bag Nozzle bag mouth (powdery, particulate, and flowable materials)
Control System Full Automatic System
Power Supply AC200V~AC440V Selector
※ Components may vary for better performance and function.